What is Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR)?

Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) is a program area of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. The ANR program area also includes Horticulture programming.   Extension ANR programs are part of the outreach program   of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food   and Environment. We provide informal education in   agricultural production and environmental stewardship.

Departmental specialists, researchers, and county agents develop and implement ANR programs. In addition to production agriculture, a small staff of Extension Associates provides focused assistance to state and county staff on interdisciplinary and critical-need programs.  These programs may deal with the interface between production agriculture and environmental stewardship.  Associates also address the relationship between farmers and non-farm rural and urban citizens.  Our programs make a difference in the lives of millions of Kentuckians through research-based education.

Working with our other land grant partner, Kentucky State University, we extend the resources of the University to the people in their local communities. County agents serve as the link between people in every Kentucky county and experts at the universities. They coordinate and provide educational programs for the public through meetings and workshops, field days, personal communications, and web or satellite broadcasts. Agents also provide publications, newsletters, computer programs, videos, and other educational materials.

Locate your local County Extension Agent for ANR and Horticulture. 

Contact an ANR staff member if you need information or assistance.

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